Jupiter and Europa ll





Here we are, literally 8 hours later. Fired up LightWave 3D. Getting my comparison on. It took me a minute to figure out how to get different textures on both objects; Jupiter & Europa. So in LightWave, an object has to have different names. Can't just have two untitled spheres. Okay ... got it.

After having figured that out, it took an hour or so, just to get the cel shading figured out, then another hour to get a handle on the rendering output. Not as straight forward; at least not to me, as it was in previous versions of LW. Definitely not as intuitive as Cheetah 3D!

Anyway, got a quick render of roughly the same shot as I did in Cheetah 3D. Unlike Cheetah 3D, it's gonna cost me $300 to upgrade to the latest version of LightWave.