Cloud Tiger render practice ll



So I would be remise if I didn't fire up Carrara, generate the same scene, then give it a go. I'd forgotten how fast Carrara's render engine is. It may be faster; or as fast, as Cinema 4D. All of the renders are kind of looking the same. The only difference is some give the black outlines and some don't. Carrara does.


Cheetah 3D is still the most intuitive 3D app I've ever used. When I click a button or choose an option, things happen the way I expect them to. If it were possible to get the black outlines, it would be my main application. I'd model in Hexagon, then bring the object over to Cheetah 3D to skin and rig it ... then render of course...


... BUT ... just by accident, or perhaps fate, I figured out how to get that Mike Mignola/Michael Oeming look in Cheetah 3D!!! Note the flat look with hard deep shadows. That's basically the style I want for my future comics. But for the absence of an outline, Cheetah 3D is pretty much back in the running. lol!