This pic right here...


This is an old pic that has seen its way around the net over the years. I've always stopped and stared at it. It just looks awesome on so many levels. I often wondered how old this thing is ... does it think ... is it dangerous. I would then imagine something like this floating among the clouds.

It was this huge jellyfish that inspired the creation of the Id-Type: Gelatinous Fibrous, or Cloud Tiger. See previous posts or
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Cloud Tiger render practice ll



So I would be remise if I didn't fire up Carrara, generate the same scene, then give it a go. I'd forgotten how fast Carrara's render engine is. It may be faster; or as fast, as Cinema 4D. All of the renders are kind of looking the same. The only difference is some give the black outlines and some don't. Carrara does.


Cheetah 3D is still the most intuitive 3D app I've ever used. When I click a button or choose an option, things happen the way I expect them to. If it were possible to get the black outlines, it would be my main application. I'd model in Hexagon, then bring the object over to Cheetah 3D to skin and rig it ... then render of course...


... BUT ... just by accident, or perhaps fate, I figured out how to get that Mike Mignola/Michael Oeming look in Cheetah 3D!!! Note the flat look with hard deep shadows. That's basically the style I want for my future comics. But for the absence of an outline, Cheetah 3D is pretty much back in the running. lol!


Cloud Tiger render practice...



With my second novel nearing completion; editing and what not, I'm getting that 3D urge. That usually translates into NETERS stuff. I fired up four 3D applications I have on the hard drive, then started rendering out old files.

I'm really looking to really 'master' one application. Blender is still top dog ... so far, BUT ... Cinema 4D is the business. And I must say, I was able to throw out some renders that looked pretty good. Blender still allows for black outlines. As you can see, Cinema 4D (see above), does too, just not to the extent that Blender does.



Then there's Lightwave. Man ... I haven't used LW in so long, I can barely navigate in the app! Lol. The lighting situation is a beast. The lighting for me is counter intuitive. Seems when I point a 'distant' light from over head at the object, the light appears on the bottom, and the shadow on top. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Will not be using LW; at least not anytime soon. Oh but I did get a recent newsletter from Newtek. The next version of LW will feature a brand new Cel Shading plugin. So only time will tell.



And of course Blender. Just kicking major butt on all fronts. I'm thinking the one think I don't really care for as it relates to Blender, is the way the camera works. Very similar to LW in that regard. With Cheetah 3D and Cinema 4D, the camera movement is tied to moving through the 3D environment in real-time, thus what you see on screen is what gets rendered. I like that. With LW and Blender, you have to 'point' the camera at what you want to have rendered. But the renders came out nice all the same.

Was happy with the way the render turned out without the outlines too. Blender is simply the truth...