This pic right here...


This is an old pic that has seen its way around the net over the years. I've always stopped and stared at it. It just looks awesome on so many levels. I often wondered how old this thing is ... does it think ... is it dangerous. I would then imagine something like this floating among the clouds.

It was this huge jellyfish that inspired the creation of the Id-Type: Gelatinous Fibrous, or Cloud Tiger. See previous posts or
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Was one of the greatest places online

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Some 10 years ago, Herotalk was one of the greatest web places to visit and participate in. I remember being at work, and couldn't wait to get home and log-on to see who created what, who said what, what the latest was, etc.
Some of the greatest projects in the world were born on this forum.

It's still up. When you get a chance, go check it out. You can't join anymore, but take a look at some work featured on those now abandoned pages.