Daathrekh Publishing is an indie publishing house and the birth place of what is currently known as cifer-RA: a style of fiction that is Speculative, African Centered, and Metaphysical in scope, as it relates to the idea of harmony or disharmony, between the biological, technological, and spiritual. Daathrekh Publishing is literary cosmology, spun in a new way, striving for a new day.

In 1999 Daathrekh Publishing featured it's first work as an online comic entitled, "The Infra-Project". The Infra-Project was a motion comic - before there was a name for the media, and enjoyed a nine year run. The Infra-Project would see several changes, eventually evolving into the meta-speculative, NETERS™ comic book.

In 2009, the first cifer-RA novel in history was published under the Daathrekh banner. Retro-km: Lord of the Landerlords. A piece described as unapologetic, imaginative, insightful, and not for the faint of heart.

Conscious and thought provoking, Daathrekh Publishing is dedicated to bringing you High Science Entertainment, and supports all Better-Human-Sights-and-Sounds.

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